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M. Gao*, Q-F. Yang*, Q.-X. Ji*, H. Wang, L. Wu, B. Shen, J. Liu, G. Huang, L. Chang, W. Xie, S.-P. Yu, S. Papp#, J. Bowers#, T. J. Kippenberg#, K. Vahala#

"Probing material absorption and optical nonlinearity of integrated photonic materials"

arXiv Preprint: 2111.00105

Q-F. Yang*, Q.-X. Ji*, L. Wu*, B. Shen, H. Wang, C. Bao, Z. Yuan, K. Vahala#

"Dispersive-wave induced noise limits in miniature soliton microwave sources"

Nature Communications 12, 1442 (2021)

W. Jin*, Q-F. Yang*, L. Chang*, B. Shen*, H. Wang*, M. A. Leal, L. Wu, M. Gao, A. Feshali, M. Paniccia, K. Vahala#, J. Bowers#

"Hertz-linewidth semiconductor lasers using CMOS-ready ultra-high-Q microresonators"

Nature Photonics 15, 346-353(2021)

C. Bao, M.-G. Suh, B. Shen, K. Şafak, A. Dai, H. Wang, L. Wu, Z. Yuan, Q.-F. Yang, A. B. Matsko, F. X. Kärtner & K. Vahala#

"Quantum diffusion of microcavity solitons"

Nature Physics 17, 462-466 (2021)


L. Wu*, H. Wang*, Q.-F. Yang, Q.-X. Ji, B. Shen, C. Bao, M. Gao, K. Vahala#

"Greater than one billion Q-factor for on-chip microresonators"

Optics Letters 45, 5129-5131 (2020)

B. Shen*, L. Chang*, J. Liu*, H. Wang*, Q.-F. Yang*, C. Xiang, R. N. Wang, J. He, T. Liu, W. Xie, J. Guo, D. Kinghorn, L. Wu, Q.-X. Ji, T. J. Kippenberg#, K. Vahala#, J. Bowers#

"Integrated turnkey soliton microcombs"

Nature 582, 365-369 (2020)

H.-J. Chen, Q.-X. Ji, H. Wang, Q.-F. Yang, Q.-T. Cao, Q. Gong, X. Yi#, Y.-F. Xiao#

"Chaos-assisted two-octave-spanning microcombs"

Nature Communications 11,2336 (2020)

L. Chang*, W. Xie*, H. Shu*, Q.-F. Yang, B. Shen, A. Boes, J. D. Peters, W. Jin, S. Liu, G. Moille, S-P. Yu, X. Wang, K. Srinivasan, S. B. Papp, K. Vahala, J. Bowers#

"Ultra-efficient frequency comb generation in AlGaAs-on-insulator microresonators"

Nature Communications 11, 1331 (2020) 

Y.-H. Lai*, M.-G. Suh*, Y.-K. Lu, B. Shen, Q.-F. Yang, H. Wang, J. Li, S. H. Lee, K. Y. Yang, K. Vahala#

"Earth rotation measured by a chip-scale ring laser gyroscope"

Nature Photonics 14, 345-349 (2020)


Y. He*, Q-F. Yang*, J. Ling, R. Luo, H. Liang, M. Li, B. Shen, H. Wang, K. Vahala#, Q. Lin#

"A self-starting bi-chromatic LiNbO3 soliton microcomb"

Optica 6, 1138–1144 (2019)

Q.-F. Yang*, B. Shen*, H. Wang*, M. Tran, Z. Zhang, K. Y. Yang, L. Wu, C. Bao, J. Bowers, A. Yariv, K. Vahala#

"Vernier spectrometer using counterpropagating soliton microcombs"

Science 363, 965-968 (2019)


X. Yi*, Q.-F. Yang*, K. Y. Yang, K. Vahala#

"Imaging soliton dynamics in optical microcavities"

Nature Communications 9, 3565 (2018)

X. Li*, B. Shen*, H. Wang*, K.Y. Yang*, X. Yi, Q.-F. Yang, Z. Zhou, K. Vahala#

"Universal isocontours for dissipative Kerr solitons"

Optics Letters 43, 2567 (2018)

N. Volet, X. Yi, Q.‐F. Yang, E. Stanton, P. Morton, K.Y. Yang, K. Vahala, J. Bowers#

"Micro‐Resonator Soliton Generated Directly with a Diode Laser"

Laser & Photonics Reviews 12, 1700307 (2018)

K.Y. Yang*, D.Y. Oh*, S.H. Lee*, Q.-F. Yang, X. Yi, B. Shen, H. Wang, K. Vahala#

"Bridging ultrahigh-Q devices and photonic circuits"

Nature Photonics 12, 297 (2018) 


S.H. Lee*, D.Y. Oh*, Q.-F. Yang*, B. Shen*, H. Wang*, K. Y. Yang, Y.-H. Lai, X. Yi, X. Li, K. Vahala#

"Towards visible soliton microcomb generation"

Nature Communications 8, 1295 (2017) 

M.-G. Suh*, Q.-F. Yang*, K. Vahala#

"Phonon-limited-linewidth of Brillouin lasers at cryogenic temperatures"

Physical Review Letters 119, 143901 (2017)

Q.-F. Yang*, X. Yi*, K. Y. Yang, K. Vahala#

"Counter-propagating solitons in microresonators"

Nature Photonics 11, 560-564 (2017)

X. Yi*, Q.-F. Yang*, X. Zhang*, K. Y. Yang, X. Li, K. Vahala#

"Single-mode dispersive waves and soliton microcomb dynamics"

Nature Communications 8, 14869 (2017)

Q.-F. Yang*, X. Yi*, K. Y. Yang, K. Vahala#

"Stokes solitons in optical microcavities"

Nature Physics 13, 53-57 (2017)


M.-G. Suh*, Q.-F. Yang*, K. Y. Yang, X. Yi, K. Vahala#

"Microresonator soliton dual-comb spectroscopy"

Science 354, 600-603 (2016)

Q.-F. Yang*, X. Yi*, K. Y. Yang, K. Vahala#

"Spatial-mode-interaction-induced dispersive waves and their active tuning in microresonators"

Optica 3, 1132-1135 (2016)

X. Yi*, Q.-F. Yang*, K. Y. Yang, K. Vahala#

"Theory and measurement of the soliton self-frequency shift and efficiency in optical microcavities"

Optics Letters 41, 3419-3422 (2016)

X. Yi*, Q.-F. Yang*, K. Y. Yang, K. Vahala#

"Active capture and stabilization of temporal solitons in microresonators"

Optics Letters 41, 2037-2040 (2016)

2015 and Before

X. Yi*, Q.-F. Yang*, K. Y. Yang*, M.-G. Suh, K. Vahala#

"Soliton frequency comb at microwave rates in a high-Q silica microresonator"

Optica 2, 1078–1085 (2015)

Y.-F. Xiao#, X.-F. Jiang, Q.-F. Yang, L. Wang, K. Shi, Y. Li, Q. Gong#

"Tunneling-induced transparency in a chaotic microcavity"

Laser & Photonics Reviews 7, 51-54 (2013)

Q.-F. Yang, X.-F. Jiang, Y.-L. Cui, L. Shao, Y.-F. Xiao#

"Dynamical tunneling-assisted coupling of high-Q deformed microcavities using a free-space beam"

Physical Review A 88, 023810 (2013)

L. Shao, L. Wang, W. Xiong, X.-F. Jiang, Q.-F. Yang, Y.-F. Xiao#

"Ultrahigh-Q, largely deformed microcavities coupled by a free-space laser beam"

Applied Physics Letters 103, 121102 (2013)

X.-F. Jiang, Y.-F. Xiao#, Q.-F. Yang, L. Shao, W. R. Clements, Q. Gong#

"Free-space coupled, ultralow-threshold Raman lasing from a silica microcavity"

Applied Physics Letters 103, 101102 (2013)