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Microcavity Photonics
Group Introduction

Welcome to Yun-Feng Xiao research group at Peking University. This group was established in Feb. 2009, also belonging to the State Key Laboratory for Artificial Microstructure and Mesoscopic Physics. Research in this group is centered around optical microresonators (or namely, microcavities), including both theory and experiment.The optical microresonators support whispering gallery modes (WGMs), offer long photon storage times described by ultra-high Q factors and open a myriad of lab-on-chip applications ranging from fundamental physics to various photonics applications, such as cavity quantum electromagnetic dynamics, cavity quantum optomechanics, nonlinear optics, on-chip microlasing, single nanoparticle detection, and microcomb.Opportunities for research scientists, postdoctoral scholars and graduate studentsWe are looking for self-motivated research scientists, postdoctoral scholars and graduate students who are interested in studying fundamental optical physics and exploring ...

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